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Construction Lifestyle

Mornings view from the house  Writing two entries today.  This is the second of the two.  The previous entry called "Progress..." covers the renovation news.  This one is what might be called the  "lifestyle segment". The vegetable garden has been planted and we now have potatoes, beets, kale, beans, tomatoes, strawberries as well as basil, rosemary, thyme and parsley.   I discovered an asparagus in the weeds and moved it into the garden and have had some edible asparagus this year. The vegetable garden started small Found asparagus Found in the field We've sold the house in Stone Ridge and do not have a place to stay.  I thought it might be interesting to see what it was like to stay in a tent for a couple of days ( I keep telling myself this is a choice... There's a hotel up the road!).  I bought a tent on the way up two weeks ago and pitched it on my own. It's called "Copper Canyon Cabin Tent"  and it's huge.  Two rooms,

Progress - it's slow but we are moving forward

Well, a lot has happened and in the same breath a lot hasn't happened that we thought we would have had done by now.   Progress is very slow indeed and a little frustrating.  Since the last post we have been updating the facebook page with pictures as they happen but my guess is that you are all waiting with baited breath for the back story of some of those. I'll give you the full back story on the renovations.  The big hole that you saw in the floor some time ago is now filled with beautiful Douglas fir.   We were able to find some old beams in a warehouse in Brooklyn that were between 9 and 14 inches wide.  The outside edges of these beams had a nice patina to them and because of their age the grain of the wood was thin and matched very closely what we had in the master bedroom.  These boards were 20ft long, 1.5inches thick and very heavy...i know because I lifted them in through the Mow door with the help of Brian our contractor. Structural flooring I've just sear