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Campsite now on the Peninsula Half glamor, half camping.   Well that at least was the plan.  Three days off (and the weekend) at the house.  Chasing down the contractor, making sure progress was made and enjoying the property. I organized a "Porta-potty" so at least now we have a toilet on the property.  The well water is very clear if a little cold and we have a fridge in the "Map room" next to the garage and two grills.  We arrived on Wednesday morning and had to move the tent because the cats were practically hyperventilating in the sun.  Putting the tent in the shade, under the trees on the peninsula was a brilliant idea.  The tent remains cool all day.  As you can see from the picture we brought down the umbrella and the grills and had quite a little set up. The contractor was collecting the wood floor boards so obviously wouldn't be at the house today. Once we got settled , swam in the pond,  cooled down and I did a little bit of gardening....then t

Lets not talk about the house

Another week with no progress...yes we are frustrated.  The plumber can't do any more because the framing isn't finished and no-one at the house Friday, or any day this week as far as we can tell. We met the plasterers and the plumber without the contractor..who was "shopping".  Funny I tried calling him and he couldn't answer the phone and didn't call me back because he was "up on the roof"...I now realize it was someone elses roof or that's the name of a pub round here! Nevertheless, the house is wonderful.  Again we sat by the pond in the star light and with billions of fireflies lighting the trees and the grass, spotting satellites in the clear sky.  I'm beginning to like this camping thing.  I just wish you could capture this on the camera.  It's something everyone should see once in their life.   It is spectacular. The morning sun shone on the front of the house this morning.  Making me realize that the porch will be the idea