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February - April...That went fast!

We are settled in the guest rooms Two months have gone by so quickly since the last update.  Not surprisingly a lot has happened in that time.   Wow, we now have a flushing toilet and running water.  We have the geothermal heat systems up and running and all of the duct work is complete.   The beams and ceilings are complete and all of the upstairs plastering is finished.  The doors have been re-hung upstairs and although the floors are still covered until the plasterwork is complete downstairs, the house is almost functional. Daniel and I have been staying in the two guest rooms while work continues on the ceiling in the master bedroom. Putting up the ceiling in the Master Bedroom Now there's a story.  Originally we were going to buy some wood for the ceiling but Neil our contracting/neighbor said he would be able to get an old oak tree from his property milled for about the same price - $1 per square foot.   This sounded great.  We loved the idea of using wood fr