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Smoketree update...

Forgot to mention that the Smoketree has been officially measured and the details have been sent to Albany for verification.  The height of the tree was measured by the DEC at 50 ft.   The national champion is in Kentucky and is 42ft tall.   So it looks like we might be able to claim that the tree is the tallest Smoketree in America. Our measurements put the tree at 82 inches around the trunk.   Due to a "swelling" at the normal measurement height the measurement had to be made slightly lower down the trunk....  The official measurement was 76 inches in circumference.   We are not a contender for the National Champion, which is 101 in circumference.   The crown of the tree - the third measurement that counts towards the 'championship'.  Our crown is 20x33ft.  (Narrowest and widest) averaging 26.5ft. The calculation for "championship" points goes something like this: Height + circumference + (average crown x 0.25) = total points. 50+76+(26.5x0.25) = 13

What's done is done well

I know everyone has a love hate relationship with a contractor and ours is no exception.  He is so damn slow and never does anything he says he will.  We are so far behind in the process and everything that was promised remains undelivered.   Thankfully the Plumber has been here.  Jason is fantastic.  Fast, neat and very professional.  Takes real pride in his work.  I would recommend him to anyone.  His girlfriend is also a falconer which is cool too.  He brought a Peregrin falcon to the job site one day...we were not here to see it.   Jason's handy work for the master bathroom vanity The in wall toilets are all in Even the point for the washer drier upstairs has gone in As you can see we are still only at framing phase because patching the floors and building the doors has taken 4 weeks.  Yes that's a lot longer than it should have taken but we have to admit that what he has done he has done well.  The back door has been reconstructed with some old poplar beams.  T