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We are the champions

It's official.  Albany has confirmed that the Dejoux house smoke tree is the official county and state champion Smoketree..."now on to nationals!"  They say they will be putting the tree forward for "national recognition". Smoketree in the fall Tree in winter

Landmark day

This weekend was truly a landmark day at the house.  Firstly, this was the first day in over 12 months that we haven't been able to look from the kitchen up into the master bedroom.   Yes, the floor boards arrived and now we have a floor/ceiling.   The match of the new boards was pretty good.  I could not ask for a better match.  Kitchen ceiling Master bedroom floor -  and some sheet-rock Master bedroom floor As you can see from some of these photos we have also started putting up the sheet-rock and the shape of the rooms are coming together.  Don't worry the green isn't staying.  The sheet rock is mold resistant and comes in this green color.  Plastering in a weeks time we hope.  Sheet-rock in master bedroom.  We are putting plank ceiling above the knee wall Guest bedroom 1 Guest bedroom 2 A bit of a mess but this is the Mow door bedroom with walls and ceiling Other progress this week includes the turning on of the geothermal heating.  The m