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Past and present

As always, the house is filled with wonderful stories of both past and present.  The last couple of weeks we really felt the house was no longer a building site (although work is still going on).  It started to feel like a house again.  Back to what it was but restored for the next 270 years.  The grounds too have been cleared and we really are starting to see the property restored to it's former glory.  The view from the porch when we first bought the house was a curtain of vines and vegetation and not a hint of the pond. Now, we have our own screened porch and we were entertaining Cindy Gallop on the 4th July.  As you can see, the view from the porch is very special. View from the porch  - 2009 View from the porch - Now Which got me thinking how the rest of the house had changed.  Fundamentally, the footprint and the structure of the house has not changed at all.  We've simplified, stripped out and stripped back to the fundamentals of the house.  The modern divis