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All "campers" but no tent

This fall the Oaks shine It's official.  The locals refer to us as "The Campers".   We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant ( A Tavola ) which has unfortunately become very popular due to a 3 page article in the Hudson Vally Magazine .  Bonny and Nathan deserve all the publicity and success they get.  Their food is spectacular and even though we go there every week, sometimes several times a week, we never tire of the seasonal menu.  The last time we went there we got the check and printed on the bill, where it usually says "party of two" or something like that, it referred to us as "The Campers".  They probably didn't know our name when we first went there because we never made a reservation.  Also,  since we told them tales of staying in our tent with the cats while the house was being restored, the name probably stuck.   If anyone who reads this blog goes to A Tavola, please tell them "The Campers" sent you.   But, alas the

All of a sudden it was Fall (Autumn)

Another flood this week.  Only 12 feet but enough to close the road and to sink the Grill again.  The basement remained dry and Daniel and I decided that this weekend we were staying at the house. Just one night, no shower and only an outside Portaloo make staying any longer unpleasant for us and anyone we meet.  Temporary sleeping accommodations! We have all of the camping stuff there and the bedrooms, although not sheet-rocked yet have plenty of space of the air bed.  We wheeled in the de-humidifier and lit the fire in the living room to get the house warmed up.   OK, it's not glamorous but it is our house and I love staying there.  The new fireplace works fantastically.  It lights easily, doesn't smoke and kicks out a lot of heat.  We had it going for over 12 hours and the house really heated up.  Outside the temperature was only in the 50's but it has definitely turned to Fall/Autumn and there was a distinct chill in the air. Our new fire place works perfe