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The house that keeps on giving

It was a short weekend...I was in California on Friday so we didn't get to the house until Saturday morning.  The weather had been bitterly cold for the whole week - between 10 degrees and 20 degrees F.   We knew the ice would be thick on the pond and we'd invited Vanessa and Chris to come ice skating with the Jake and Tabitha.

A bit of quick shopping -  the ingredients for full English breakfast and a roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings.

We started off by clearing a small part of the pond.  Just a square in front of the Peninsula.    The snow was light and powdery so made wonderful lines as I ploughed....Looked like the start of a long night at Studio 54.

The ice was very solid and I cleared relatively quickly.  By the time the guests arrived the ice rink was ready.     Tabitha was still in her pyjamas but that didn't seem to stop her.   The sun was absolutely gorgeous and the fire pit was raging so it was easy to warm up.    Jake did not have skates but a "sum…

Lived in and loved.

Once again I beg forgiveness.  It's been two months since I posted on this blog and I've had so many lovely comments from people all over the world.  It seems the Paw Paw post was very popular.

I have no excuse except the end of last year was a whirlwind.  We traveled to California for the Holidays to see Daniel's family.   It was perhaps the longest we'd gone without visiting DeJoux... We missed it.     Before we left we put up some Christmas decorations.   I hope the neighbors noticed.  I think this is the most lived in the house has looked for many years.   Driving down the road you really did see our illuminated wreath.

The inside of the house has also become much more usable.   The open loop geothermal heat pumps work excellently.  They keep the house warm and we never seem to run out of water.  The Nest thermostat tells us how often the heating comes on, even when we are away.   Even in this cold weather it does not come on too much..which suggests the insu…