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DeJoux House blog first birthday

Almost exactly one year ago, September 27th, I wrote the first blog entry to the DeJoux House. There is a link to that first entry at the top of every page. It seems hard to believe that a whole year has gone by so fast and in just 52 weeks there has been so much pleasure and discovery for Daniel and I. (and a number of our friends too). Although we haven't begun the main construction yet, we are waiting for the Eightpoint to make time for us. (I am happy they are busy because they do such a good job, but hope my active promotion of their business hasn't contributed to them being too busy for us!!!). But, although I am impatient, have my moments of WTF, we have no real tangible reason to hurry. The summer was wonderful without the house. We had dinner parties, swam in the pond, enjoyed the landscape and grounds in a way we would not have done if the house was usable. We've become very fond of the peninsula and I think that will always be a very special place fo