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Getting there

We've spent the last few weekends at the house and slowly some of the finishes are coming together.  This suddenly makes the house much more livable and although the weekends are not "high glamour" they are comfortable.  We have airbeds in the bed rooms and hot and cold running water.  The baths are all functional and the UV filter is up and running so we can use the water. Running water and sink in the guest bath room ...and fully functional WC...LUXURY! This weekend's new feature was the fireplace surround.  Daniel has done a fantastic job taking some of the simple door header details from the book of 18 century Dutch Vernacular Architecture by John Stevens  (who visited and documented our house almost exactly one year ago) .    The mill work for the fire surround and the library is being done by two excellent local artists John Cox and Josh Finn . Fire surround panelling  Restored corner fireplace Our new living room, almost complete...just

Getting to know the Jorgensen's

(NB. This post was written while flying to Australia.  I couldn’t post it until I returned!) A few posts ago I talked about the Jorgensens and their rebellious daughter.  I must admit I was a little worried that Reid Jorgenson, their grandson, would read it and be offended.  Quite the opposite, this week I got a response from him in email correcting some of the mistakes I’d made about the family and giving us some more insight into the Jorgensens.   Reid wrote: I have to correct some info:     My Grandparents, Arthur and Lona Jorgensen, had four children, not two. Their names were Gordon, Reid (Sr.), Elizabeth (Betty) and Jean.  The youngest, Jean, would have been the rebel...I never knew of the wine stash, but my Grandparents did keep Sherry in the house, which they would break out (occasionally, not always) when close friends would come out from town for a visit.  Jean lived at the house, for a time, in parts of 1945-46. The pilots (student pilots, really) were my