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DeJoux gets Social

Well, it was memorial day. We had no bathroom, no kitchen, nowhere to what do we do? Invite all our friends in Ulster County to a Garden Party.

It was a beautiful day, if a little hot for working and preparing for guests. Before we had even started we braved the pond for a swim. It was amazing. All morning we kept jumping back into the pond.

Daniel made me a work bench on the porch to make Pimms and English style sandwiches (Cucumber, Cheese and Branston Pickle, Ham and Tomato, Beef and Horseradish, Egg salad and watercress). I wandered round to all the neighbors and those who were in, I invited.

As guests started to arrive, Cindy was still in her bikini. (she had put the bikini top back on by then).

It was great to meet our neighbors Bob and Carol from across the road, Neil and family from the other side of the trailer and Colette and Tom from further down Springtown Road and happen to be Dawn's (from R/GA) in laws. In fact it turned out that people staying with Neil had worked with Diane and Michael Stoopack on HSBC many years ago and Carl, Earl and Valerie knew just about everyone, more people than we did! It was a triumph.

Ruby and her friend became very attached to the canoe and gave people rides around the pond.

DeJoux house now has it's own Foursquare location so you can check in. We had a number of check-ins at our garden party. For now I am mayor, but Daniel is determined to unseat me.

The next day I left Daniel and Cindy by the pond and decided to restore the river walk. The bank of the river was totally over grown and it had been impossible to take anyone to see the river because of the fields of poison ivy and vegetation. I took my trusty weed-wacker and got to work. Along the river, in the shade of the silver maples there was a cool, gentle breeze and the sunlight breaks through creating an amazing dappled light. We simply have to make a small lawn down there and make this as much a part of DeJoux House as the lake.

Other news - Catalpa trees are in full bloom on the property:


  1. look at all the wine bottles in one of the pictures !! Looks beautiful tho' well done... J x

  2. Best. Memorial Day Weekend. Ever. :)


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